The Walking Dead

Have you been there?  A local branch closes down, and you are assigned a new assistant manager (the other branch’s former manager) and co-worker.  Only they turn out to be like Rick Grimes and Carol from this season’s Walking Dead.

“If they can’t keep this place, we’ll just take it.”

They have different experiences than you.  They disagree with your methods.  They see you as weak, and they are gunning to run you out and take over.

It happens.  So how do you deal with those who want to take you out?

Be humble.  Maybe you *can* learn from their experiences, and why not try?

Be firm.  Don’t let them push you around, but choose your battles carefully.  If you find yourself embroiled over everything, you need to figure out if they are the problem or you are.

Be a leader.  Remember, leadership isn’t something you do to people.  It’s something you do with people.  Get in there.  Get your hands dirty.  Never let them see you not sweating, and you will earn their respect.

And if all else fails, pet the zombies eat them.