“Remaining” Positive

One of the most challenging parts of leading a team is setting aside your own worries and fears to announce a new change in your company, because it really is important you give the change the benefit of the doubt and present it with a positive outlook.

The one constant in the business world is change, so fearing it is pointless and counterproductive.  Certainly, some ideas won’t be great ones, but chances are even the worst ideas won’t sink your business.  Most likely, if it turns out to be a stinker, you and your peers will be able to give feedback once the changes have been established and shape things into something better!  That’s a great opportunity.

The longer you are a manager, the more you’ll be able to roll with change.  The danger is when you look back on “the good old days” and remember things better than they really were.

Either way, you have to get your employees behind the idea in order to really see if it’s a good one or not.  Otherwise, you are the squeaky wheel keeping things from moving in either direction.

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